All About Water Sport Workouts

Water Sport Workouts are essential to being an all around Waterman. We all know the numerous health benefits to proper diet & exercise, but Water Sport Workouts are specific fitness training & can greatly improve your performance. If you are anything like most of us the things we "have to do" are done more frequently than the things we "want to do." I am privileged to live in a place & have the life that I can get in the water nearly everyday. This still doesn't mean that I do not engage in Sport Specific training. It helps me stay in the water longer & charge harder. If you are the weekend warrior than it is imperative that you engage in training in non-water days.

The problems that I face with training workouts is the time it takes to go to the gym. The water sport workout may only be 45 minutes, but commute there and back, finding a baby sitter, & of course the gym crowd can turn that 45 minute workout into a 2 hour plus ordeal. I cannot afford two hours of my life.

In recent years there have been an array of home workouts that are doing wonders in peoples lives. While many of these workouts are great in their overall health & fitness benefits. I find that they lack the components that help me Surf, Kite, Spear Fish, or Paddle longer, harder, & more intense. Water Sport Workouts are sport specific for Water Sports. Most Water Sport Works are geared towards surfing, but I have found these programs have helped my overall water sport fitness.

I am currently using a combination of two Surf Specific Home workout programs. The first being Total Surfing Fitness. The Second is Yoga for Surfers. I also have fun using my IndoBoard® when I am just chilling at the house.

The Total Surfing Fitness is a great 5 step program that works multiple components of overall fitness:

Step 1-Increase your paddle fitness through energy system development

Step 2- Improve your core stability, strength and rotary power

Step 3-Increase your upper body endurance, strength and power

Step 4- Improve your mobility and flexibility

Step 5-Improve your balance and lower body strength & power

This program is a fully downloadable. Once you have completed the $47 (cheaper than a pair of board shorts!) purchase you have full access to the program. If you are interested there is Free workout that you can access just to try out. It is a 12 week program that has really improved my water sport & over all fitness.

Clayton Beatty, the creator of the program is a Waterman & a college educated exercise science major. He has designed this program for surfing, but it has really proved my overall Waterman ways!

The program does not require too much. The exercises are completed with body weight, a stability ball, and a pair of dumbbells. I have even done some of the dumbbell exercises with resistance bands.

For more information of the Total Surfing Fitness Click Here!

Below are some videos featured form this program for Clayton Beatty. This workout is not a video program. He is demonstrating some exercises that are featured in the program.

How do you stay in Water Sport Shape?

Do have a water sport specific workout plan? Is there anything you can recommend to the Watermen out there?

The other program that I use is "Yoga for Surfers." I enjoy yoga when I first wake up in the morning. It energizes my day wether I am going into the water or not. Yoga is a great way to allow a burst of oxygen to enter the blood stream.

The stretches & poses has greatly affected my water sport maneuverability, flexibility, and after sport recovery. Yoga in general puts me in a better more tranquil mood. The opening of Chakras through breath & stretching allows me to focus harder in the water. I am not a hippy kinda a guy & at first was very apprehensive towards yoga. This attitude has changed since I seen the amazing benefits in both my waterman life & personal life.

The Yoga for Surfers is not a downloadable program they are physical DVDs that you can purchase on the website. There are three in total they can either be bought as a package or individually. I recommend purchasing all three each has immense benefits for before, during, & after water sport activity. The DVDs also feature programs that can be done to stay in sport ready shape. For for information on Yoga for Surfers Click Here!

Below are some exerts from all 3 Yoga for Surfers DVDs:

I have also included on this page some items that I recommend & use for these programs from Water Sport Workouts are about being ready to charge & is all part of being a waterman. I highly recommend get at least 45mins on intense sports specific training 3 times a week. These programs are a great way to maximize your time & workout from almost wherever & whenever you want.

I also offer a wide selection of Inboards® at great prices. If you do not know about the IndoBoard & it's fitness benefits watch the videos below:

Water Sport Workouts are a huge component to being an all around Waterman. Being ready to take what the ocean, river, lake, or anybody of water has for you takes dedication away from the water.

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