Water Sport Videos

I enjoy finding water sport videos. They are the best part of the internet which compared to other forms of media communication such as the TV, is the control the user has over it. I can dive right into whatever subject that comes across my sometimes attention deficit brian. Most of what I looking for is information, news, the latest & greatest, & more than anything videos about my life passions, water sports.

Water Sports are visual in nature. The are very difficult to express in words that is why it seems that the those involved in the sport have their own lingo. If a picture is worth a thousand words that a video has to be worth a million.

Most of the water sport videos that I have posted on this page are about Cabarete, Dominican Republic, my home. They are broken down into surfing videos, kite surfing videos, windsurfing videos, scuba diving videos, & other random water sport videos. Some of the videos were shot using a GoPro camera.

GoPro® HD HERO2 Camerais a sweet little toy & a great gift for the Waterman in your life. It is basically a small, digital, high definition camera in a water proof housing. They have an array of accessories that can anything from mount on a surfboard to attach to a helmet. For more information about GoPro cameras or to purchase one click on one of the blue hyper links on this page.

This is artistic representation of the beauty of the waves that break right outside my front door & other beaches around the Dominican Republic.

This water sport video shows you why "Cabarete is the Adventure Sports Capital of the Caribbean."

Surfing Videos

Surfing is my favorite of water sports. The sheer simplicity of the sport, the closeness to nature, the physical exertion. These are some the best water sport videos of surfing I have found in the Dominican Republic. Most of them were shot in Encuentro, a reef break. which can churn out all different types of waves.

This is a video of one our local pros Manuel Salman. Manuel Selman He is originally from Chile, but grew he up & learned to surf here in the Dominican Republic. He now surfs on ASP World Qualifying Tour.

Playa Encuentro is an amazing place to learn to surf. It has the right combination of elements that can bring a surfer from beginner to novice to advanced. That is a unique thing. Surfing has a very gradual learning curve, but with a place like that it can drastically reduce the time it takes.

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Kite Surfing Videos

Kite Surfing is the new kid on the scene when it comes to water sports. Cabarete is a premier location in the world for this up & coming water sport. Boasting nearly 300 days of wind a year, one can see why. Kite Beach Cabarete is the spot to be on windy day in the Dominican Republic. The outer reefs have great wave action and the inside flat water is great for perfecting your handle passes.



Windsurfing is the sport that started it all here in Cabarete. Wind junkies form around the planet converge here to take advantage of the amazing wind & waves that is offered here.

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Scuba Videos

On course one cannot forget that what we ride above has incredible ecosystem living below. The Dominican Republic has some of the best scuba diving & snorkeling I have ever seen. The reefs are teeming with life. The second video is of the reef that I frequently surf, kite, & SUP above. I had no clue that there was some much down below my dangling feet! The last video is from National Geographic is. It about cave diving in fresh water caves & the finding of fossils of instinct animals that once inhabited Hispaniola.

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Stand Up Paddle Surfing

Stand Up Paddle surfing or SUP for short is what Laird Hamilton calls "the ancient sport we've never seen but we know existed." This water sport has exploded on the scene. Watermen are getting to waves the used to be only accessible by boat. They are getting on heavy surf earlier & riding like ancient Hawaiians did. This "new" water sport is part of surfing's history. but it wasn't until recently that is was rediscovered. "Maui" John Holzhall is the local expert on SUP, he & his surfus erectus crew can be seen on the outer reefs of Cabarete getting into some seriously heavy waves.

More Local Made Go Pro Videos

GoPro® HD HERO2 Camera is a must for any waterman. It can back up that "Dude it was totally double overhead" claim. Check out the first video. It is a well built camera!

I will be adding to these Water Sport Videos has I find & make more of them. All-About-Water-Sports is dedicated to the waterman's lifestyle. Please visit my other pages… Enjoy the Ride!