Stand Up Paddle

"The ancient sport we've never seen, but we know existed"~Laird Hamilton

Stand Up Paddle Surfing, SUP, Beach Boy Surfing, Hoe he'e nalu in Hawaiian is the new, hot, old thing in Water Sports. The fire started in Hawaii where it had roots, but now any water way anywhere in the world will have a SUPer (Surfo Eretus) on it. The attraction of it is the versatility, the ease of learning the basics, & the excellent core workout that it gives you.

When it comes to using the Stand Up Paddle Board for surfing it offers the surfer the ability for a better view of incoming set waves, the ability to get a longer ride, & take off on some heavy waves Saying that they catch more waves than a traditional surfer is really up for debate. This depends on the Fitness level of the individual.

What I enjoy about Stand Up Paddle is that I can get to outer reefs easier. I also enjoy taking it down rivers & on flat days paddling to spear fishing spots. These boards are awesome for being able to cover more distance. What it lacks in maneuverability on a wave it make up for on range of possible surf & locations.

As with normal surfing I enjoy the simplicity of the sport. The only thing you need is a pair of Baggies, a Board, leash, & a Paddle. Some "Do it Yourselfers" out there are having fun Making their own Paddle Making their own Paddle with materials that can purchased at your local hardware store. Nothing is more fulfilling than using something for your passions that you made with your own two hands. If you are interested in the how to's of making your own Paddle for SUP Click Here!

The basics take about an hour or two to learn, getting into the waves can take time. You need some flat open water, such as a lake, marsh, good sized pond, or a flat ocean day. Remember that your are on a fluid medium. If you try to stay stiff you will fall over. You must go with the flow! Starting to SUP can be really trying if you don't learn the basics. When I first stated I used 101-301 Stand Up Paddle Surfing This 2 set DVD goes from the very basics to advanced, such as riding in Big Surf! You won't be upset with the results from these DVDs.

Start with a good all around shape. They are called these at shops. They offer great stability and get you into a variety of conditions. The best all around boards depends on your long term goals. Are you going to take this into the surf? Cruise long distance? Go bar-hoping down the Inter Coastal Water Way? Without getting too technical, longer shapes track better, meaning they go straight, better for cruising. Short shapes are more maneuverable. The wider the board the more stability you will have. Skinnier boards are faster. All boards are quite thick so unlike surfboards thickness as little to do with Stand Up Paddle Boards. I recently got an opportunity to try out the Sevylor Samoa Standup Inflatable Paddleboard

I'll admit I was skeptical about a board that inflates, but after trying it out I am a firm believer in the product. The are not only at transportable, but can be purchased at price that won't kill the wallet. Check more about them with the video below:

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