All About Shortboards

Shortboards "Surfing is very much like making love. It always feels good, no matter how many times you've done it." ~PAUL STRAUCH, Leonard Lueras' Surfing Hawaii

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Surfboards come in various shapes, sizes, fin set ups, tails, and materials. Some are great for learning. While others are reserved for more experienced surfers. I have 7 boards in total (I recently sold one, I had 8). I like to have both the right equipment for the

Daily Surf Conditions & have a variety depending on my riding mood. I believe riding variety makes you a better all around surfer & a truer Waterman.

Surfboards are characterized by their shape & length. The most common type of surfboards are Shortboards, Longboards, Fish, Fun Shapes, Eggs, & Hybrids. Some recent boards on the scene are Stand Up Paddle Boards & Alaias.


The most common board ridden in the past 25 years has been the Shortboard. They are the board for vertical wave riding, hitting maneuvers on the lip, and busting aerials. It is the board ridden by The Pros on the ASP Tour. The "sexy" factor of these boards makes most beginners want to ride them right off the bat, but before you run out & buy a high performance shortboard there are things you should know.

Shortboards are usually glassed lighter to allow for better performance which means they ding a lot easier than other types of boards. They lose speed in a straight line & need to be ridden rail to rail or turning. These skills take time to master. If you are devoted to surfing for the long haul then a shortboard could be your destination, but the road to get there is an amazing ride!

First Surf Board

This was the first surfboard I owned. I spent two years riding foam top rental boards. Before I felt I was ready for a high performance board. It was a great board & I wish i still had it! Al Merrick K-Board

This is the newest arrow in my quiver. It is a 6'2" Al Merrick K-Board. It is great in steep hollow waves & only take it out when the Waves are head high or above.

The materials used to make Shortboards are a foam blank, fiberglass cloth, resign, and a stringer. There are variations of each of these materials, but nearly 100% of surfboards are made of these components.

Surfing is more than a past time. It is a lifestyle. Click on the link for All About Surfing.

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