All About Longboards

Longboards are long between 8 to 10 feet, wide, thick, surfboards that can be ridden in almost any type of waves Waves. The fin set up can be a single fin, tri-fin, or 2+1. They have little entry rocker, but because of their mass they seem almost flat. The tails can be square, round, or pin.

Longboards are the choice for most beginner surfers. They are very stable, but difficult to maneuver. They are not only limited to beginners though. They are great when surfers want to go with style over quickness. They can ridden from tail to nose & make 2-3 foot surf crusie. What use lose in maneuverability you make up in a long ride. They can cut through chop & be ridden in heavy, big surf. Not possible to duck dive, if there is no channel you must learn to turtle roll.

Balsa Longboard 2+1 Fins

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Every surfer should have a Longboard in there quiver. I have a beautify 9'6"l balsa wood longboard that has a 2+1 fin configuration. This means there is a big center fin in a moveable box with two smaller side fins. I ride this when it is the only option. Meaning that the surf is too small or mushy to ride anything else. I don't ride the board if its hollow, pinching, or steep. These types of waves are reserved for a different type a board such as a Shortboard Fish, Fun Shapes, or Eggs.

The ASP World Tour has a longboard tour. The tour comes with it's own men's & women's world champions.

The coolest aspect of Longboards is Noseriding. No other type of board is the top ⅓ of the board really used. A good Longboarder can cross step up to the nose and camp out as they glide across blue unbroken waves. Longboarding may not be for every surfer, but a true Waterman is a good at this classic type of surfing.

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