All About Kitesurfing

"Imagination is the highest kite one can fly"~ Lauren Bacall

Kitesurfing is a water sport that a waterman harnesses the power of the wind to "surf" across the surface of a body of water on either a board similar to a surfboard or wakeboard. It combines elements from surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, paragliding, and gymnastics, depending on your personal style. I use it solely for wave riding & only ride a surfboard to kite. Others have turn this water sport into a beautiful dance between the rider, the wind, and their equipment. Here is Cabarete, Dominican Republic people come from all over the world to capture the trade wind that blows nearly 300 days per year. The information below is an average of windy days per month in Cabarete. Generally speaking the wind is "Kite-able" over 10 knots, but depending on your equipment you can kite in lighter winds.

The most desirable wind for kitesurfing is cross-shore or cross on shore. Which by these wind statistics is nearly 100% of Cabarete's wind. The coast line here is a North Shore with an east to west trade wind. Ideal for wind related water sports. Having a offshore wind or onshore wind posses threats. Being blow away from land out to sea is not how you want to spend your day, nor is being pushed back towards land & into objects such as trees or buildings.

These are things you learn from taking Kitesurfing Lessons. I have found a great downloadable e-book to get you started Kitesurfing. The Complete Guide to Kitesurfing is a time & money saver. This guide will cover Kiting essentials such as the two different types of boards, types of kites and which is right for you. Also what to do in an emergency, wind directions and wind window, bar control, assisted & unassisted kite launching & landing, & so much more. The great thing about this e-book it can downloaded for only US$27.00. That's less than an hour of Kite Lessons. For more information Click Here!

Kitesurfing is versatile & depends on your style. Coming from a surfing background I am only interested in waves and surfing. Others came from a windsurfing or wakeboarding backgrounds & enjoy the freedom of movement & equipment that kiting as brought to them. They only ride flat water & pull some amazing maneuvers. Below is video compilation I found showing off the many styles of kiting. It also features other uses of the kite besides Water Sports.

Below is a Wind Forecast generated by a computer for Cabarete. This can be used to decide which kite to bring or if it would be a better to surf, spearfish, or any other water sport. If you would like information on How To Read Surf/Wind Forecast, Click Here!

Some Surfers, including me were apprehensive about kiting. I needed years of convincing & swells that were lost to strong winds. Now that I am into it I am hooked & sometimes unhooked! I like the fact that it doesn't matter the conditions I can go & catch some waves. If I am too busy in the morning to paddle out I have the option of the afternoon kite. The only thing that I regret is that I didn't learn to kite earlier. Below is a cool video that I found from Ben Wilson giving the reasons why a surfer should get into kiting.

5 Reason's why surfer's should get into kitesurfing from BENWILSONVISION on Vimeo.

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