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Fun Shapes or FunBoards usually are 6-8 feet in length. They have a round body with more width & thickness than Shortboards. hese are there only common traits. The rails, tails, and fin set up can be anything. The biggest factor that they have in common is that they are fun!

Funboards make great beginner boards. They are work well in most conditions, catching waves similar to Longboards , but are more maneuverable. The extra width & thickness make them more stable. They are more forgiving if you make a bad pop-up. Not just great for beginners, everyone should consider adding Funboards to their quiver.

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The Funboard I have in my quiver is a 7'0" Dewy Webber The S.K.I. This awesome single fin is classified as a Mini Malibu design or also known as Mini Mal. It can be considered a Funboard. I know that I have a ton of fun on it. It is basically a smaller version of Malibu Longboard. They can range from 7'0" to 8'7" in length. This board is great when it's small, but I like this board when it's big. I mean really big. This is my double overhead board. It rides incredible in big surf. It was the board that Nat Young used in 1972 hippy surf flick "Morning of the Earth." A scene from this classic surf film can be seen on the top of this page. This board was the start of the shortboard revolution which Dewey Webber was a lead innovator.

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Aside from longboards very few surfers ride single fins anymore. The modern surfer considers them outdated or a retro-hipster ride. If you have never ridden a single fin it can add some variety to your surfing. They have a completely different feel than that of a tri-fin. A Single fin cannot be forced the rider must take what the wave gives you. It teaches the surfer to look further down the line of a Waves It is not for an aggressive style of surfing. It can hold a straight line because of less drag due to extra fins. A thruster (tri-fin) must be pumped down the line to hold speed. You can draw long crusie lines. The glide is both aesthetically pleasing to the surfer and the spectator.

You have not tried out a Single Fin I highly recommend that you give one a go. Below is a video of a friendly Single Fin competition between Team Rusty Riders. The winner received a cases of Corona beers. It embodies what riding a single fin is all about. It is not about the show it's about the ride.

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