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The Fish Surfbaord is the choice for smaller, less powerful, not steep Waves(HL). The design of a Fish is shorter than a typical Shortboard. They have a Flatter Rocker They carry volume from nose to tail and from rail to rail. The nose of fish surfboards are typically fatter in width much more than the tail. They gradually taper from the nose to a deep swallow tail, hence the name "The Fish." These boards are great in small, mushy, weak Waves.

Fish Surfboards usually have a twin or quad fin set up. This allows the surfer to make wide cut back turns towards the curl. They can also make tight rail to rail turns which can generate more speed in smaller surf than a Shortboards find that these board work well in small beach breaks, big pealing surf, or anytime that I want a long ride over a fast maneuverable ride. The Typical dimensions are 5'6" and 21 inches in width.

My Fish is 5 feet 6 inches in length, by 21 inches across. It tapers down from the nose to the tail & has a Quad-Fin set up.

Fish Surfboards Quad Fins

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The Fish became popular during the 1970's, during the twin fin era. Surfers like Mark Richards were dialing out how close the curl they could stay and still have a styling ride. The Fish lost it's popularity when the modern tri-fin or thruster bursted on to the surf scene.

There was a re-birth of these boards in the 1990's when Tom Curren should these boards amazing potential. The tail was pulled in to allow for tighter turns and there was playing with the dimensions. In the mid part of the first decade of the 2000's The Fish got another addition that again made them surge in popularity, the addition of the Quad-fin set up.

If you haven't tried a Fish Surfboard out I highly recommend them. They are a sure cure for the summer time blues. The first couple of waves are odd since most surfers are cutting 6-10 inches off their normal surfboard. Once you get a ripping ride on small mushy wave you will hooked at least until wave season returns.

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