All About Ding Repair

Ding Repair is an essential Waterman skill, because it's an unfortunate fact, but you will ding your surfboard. More Likely than not you will do this outside the water. $#⚡%! Getting your board repaired is both timely & costly. Going for a session with even a small ding can make permanent damage to your board. So it is essential that you repair your stick quick! Luckily for you I will give all you need to make this an easy smooth process & keep you in the water longer.

A cool dude named Dale Christenson created the surfboard repair kit Ding All in 1985. It was for a class project at Flager College in St. Augustine, Florida. My neck of the woods. He added Sun Cure, the session saver a few years later.

Sun Cure

Sun Cure Instructions

Sun Cure is a solar quick fix for small dings. This can really save a surf session: Imagine this scenario. You get to the beach early for a nice glassy head high surf session. When getting your board of the racks you don't see the low lying tree limb & BAM! You put a ding in your favorite board. This back in the day could ruin your day, but with Sun Cure you can be patched up & in the water in hardly in any time, with minimal effort. Sun cure comes in both polyester or epoxy. It is important to know what your board is made from.

Big dings need more care & time. In these cases you should use a Ding All repair kit. The Kit includes: Ding All

• 2oz. Resin • hardener • Fiberglass cloth • 2 grade sanding sponge • mixing sticks & cup • cover sheets • instructions

Also there are kits that are specifically for FCS Fin Repair, Expoxy Sticks, and large quantities of resigns, Q-Cel, and Fiber Glass cloth. These of the materials that come in the repair kit.

Dinging you board can really suck, but it doesn't have to ruin your day. We have all the materials you need to get you back in the water ASAP.

Ding Repair

doesn't have to be a difficult process.