BodyBoarding has been around before the first man ever stood on surfboard. It it sometimes called BoogieBoarding, because of Tom Morey who made the board popular in the 1970's.

Before 1971 the Bodyboard was made of mostly of wood & sometimes fiberglass & foam, they were called Paipo Boards. The Paipo board were made of koa wood. Modern Bodyboards is made of a foam core surrounded by a plastic bottom. The core is made of either dow/polyethylene or polypropylene. The difference between the two is the amount of flex and control that rider has. Also, the core is dependent of the water temperature that the board will be ridden. Dow/polyethylene is better for colder waters, were in warm waters the board is too flexible and may result in loss of speed on a Wave.

Some boards have channels which give the board better hold and control. Some boards have "stringers." A stringer is a rod that runs either down the center of the board or 2 rods running parallel to Rails So boards come with fins, which are used to decrease slipping out on a wave, but because of their lack of maneuverability they are exclusively used by stand up or drop knee riders. Besides a board, other equipment is a leash, a Rash Guard or a Wetsuit, and a pair of fins.


There are three basic styles of riding: Prone, Dropknee, & Stand-Up.

Prone Riding

Prone Bodyboarding is preformed lying down on the board. The standard tricks are preformed on the face of the wave. These tricks such as spinners, a 360˚ spin, cut backs, coming back to the curl of a wave, & El Rollos or barrel rolls, which are when a rider hits the lip of wave of uses that power to roll the board 360˚ overhead.

Modern Bodyboarding tricks are focused aerial maneuvers & riding in big heavy surf. Amazing feats such as aerial spinners, reverse 720s, Air Rollos, Air Back Flips, & anything open the imagination & skill of a rider.

Riding deep in the tube will forever be a pursuit of any wave rider. Bodyboarding is no different. Getting deep in the tube is far less complicated on a bodyboard than on a Surfboard.

This Video

shows some great prone riding style… Enjoy!


The Dropknee riding style is when a rider puts one foot near the front of the board & lets the opposite knee rest on the tail of the board.

Standup Riding

This style of riding is when a rider stands upright while riding a wave. The tricks preformed are similar to surfing both on the face of a wave & in the air.

I have found that Travelling with a Bodyboard

has never let me down. Sometimes the waves are not right for surfing. The board fits perfectly in my surfboard bag. A True Waterman is skilled in all aspects of Water Sports.

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