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Do wish you had more devoted to Water Sports? This blog will help you in your devotion to being a Water Sport junkie Waterman. My devotion to you will be update Water Sport related news, tips, tricks, reports, and all things Water Sports. This could be a killer surf session, a balsting kite day, or an action packed day on the river.

All About Kitesurfing Lessons

Kitesurfing lessons are a must in this sport, but not to worry I have a whole lot of info to get you started

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All About the History of Surfing

Surfing has rich roots and big family tree. If you are going to be a tribe member is it good to know The History of Surfing!

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All About the ASP World Tour

A page All About the ASP World Tour of Surfing, Including the latest news about pro surfing.

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All About Water Sport Videos

The North Coast of the Dominican Republic is a waterman's paradise. These water sport videos highlight what make this place an ideal location to be for novice to professional watermen & women!

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All About Shortboards

All you need to know about Shortboards...

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All About Longboards

All you need to know about Longboards...

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All About Bodyboarding

Bodyboarding an awesome wave water sport has been around before standup surfing. After the the invention of the "Boggie Board" it has taken the world by storm!

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Who Says the Tropics doesn't Have Seasons?

I am getting asked all the time about when is the best to visit Cabarete for either waves, wind,or both. Here is my breakdown on seasonal averages & what equipment will best suit the conditions...

Season: Winter

Temperature: Let's call it "Comfortable"

Water: No more than a 2mm top mornings are "cool" the wind can have a "chill"

Wind: When the thermals kick in 10-20 knots

Waves: 4-15 feet

Equipment: Kite: 10-16 meters Surf: Regular Shortboard and a Step up board or a gun

Season: Spring

Temperature: Starts Mild and Warms up Quick

Water:Warming up with east swells, Rash Guard

Wind: Strom Winds & Thermals 10-25 knots

Waves: 2-12 feet

Equipment: Kite: 8-16 meters Surf: Normal Shortboard and a Fish

Season: Summer

Temperature: Sweating in places that have never sweated before

Water:The less the better, I would go naked if I was that guy

Wind: Pumping! 15-30knots

Waves: 0-6 feet

Equipment:Kite: 8-12 meters Surf: Funboard Longboard, or Fish.

Season: Fall

Temperature: September & October are Warm and Sunny scratch that it's hot! November can be wet!

Water: Rash Guard or skin it

Waves:3-18 feet

Wind:Strom Systems with name i.e. Hurricanes 8-18 knots

Equipment:Kite: 12-18 meters Surf: Normal Shortboard and a Step Up

Your best bet is come prepared to do whatever the conditions give you, like a true Waterman. We not only have great ocean sports, but some great kayaking and white water in the interior of the island, a wake boarding as well. Cabarete is truly a Water Sport Paradise, come anytime and you will enjoy it!

All About Water Sports

We are Waterman that are devoted to Water Sports

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All About Surf Reports

Reading a surf report can be confusing, but with a few pointers you'll be a pro at it in no time. Also you can view surf reports of my home breaks of Cabarete and the North Coast of the Dominican Rep

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All About Ding Repair

Dinging your surfboard, SUP, or kitesurf board can really ruin your day, but with a little knowledge ding repair can be easy and fast!

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All About Waves

Everything you need to know about Waves. This page is devoted to a surfer's ultimate pursuit.

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All About Funboards

All you need to know about Funboards...

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All about Fish Surfboards

Fish surfboards are the retro come back kids. This page has all information about the Fish.

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All About Surfboard Parts

Knowledge about surfboard parts will make you rip!

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All About SurfBoards

Armed with the knowledge about Surfboards, you can make an informed decision on what to ride during your nest session.

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All About Surf Breaks

Knowing what types of Surf Breaks there are can help you read a surf report & get you along the way to being a

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All About Stand Up Paddle

Stand Up Paddle Surfing is a new sport practiced in the old ways. It can be done on almost any body of water

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All About Cabarete

Cabarete located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic is a Waterman's Dream Location.

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All About Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is grab bag of water sports mixing wakeboarding, a sprinkle of windsurfing, add a dash of surfing, & hint of paragliding. It's best summed up in one word… AWESOME!

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