Are you a Waterman Devoted to Water Sports?

The True definition of a Waterman actually has nothing to do with Water Sports:

A Waterman wa·ter·man /ˈwôtərmən/ (n) "someone who makes their living on the water e.g. a boatsman."

Since the 12th century when this term was first used, it has evolved. Today's Waterman (or Waterwomen) can boast the mastery of many Water Sport pursuits. This distinguished Waterman is a "jack of all trades" they can Fish, Swim, Dive, Surf, Kite, Kayak, Paddle Surf, Bodysurf, translate ocean and weather conditions, save a drowning person, just to name a few.

They use their fears as motivation not as obstacles. When everyone else is heading to higher ground they stand firm. They are something of local legend.

They are diligent in protecting the one of the earth's most precious resources, water. They are advocates for reducing pollution and for the protection of water plants and animals. Known in Hawaiian as a Kai Kane, knows that the ocean affects all life no matter of geography. The oceans deserves our utmost respect.

A Kai Kane is not defined by just one water sport:

When it's too flat to Surf they will Snorkel or Scuba Dive, Kayak, Fish (Spear or Pole), or just go for a Swim.

If the Waves are small, mushy, or pounding on the shore they will Body Surf, Body Board, Paddle Surf, or Ride on the right type of board for the conditions.

When it's windy & blown out, they will Kite Surf, Windsurf, or Sail.

When the Surf is overhead & glassy you will see them charging, making drops, & tucking into barrels.

He transcends definitions. He is not just a Surfer, Kiter, Fisherman, a Shortboarder, or a Longboarder. He sees all of us part of the Tribe.

I have devoted my life to water sports & the ways of the waterman. This website is devoted to these endeavors.

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